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Florida Keys Deep Sea Sportfishing Charters, Marathon - Islamorada

Florida Keys Deep Sea Sportfishing

Deep Sea Sportfishing in the Florida Keys with the Marathon Charter Fishing Team. The Main Attraction is the live bait and light tackle specialist. The Florida Keys has the best Deep Sea Sportfishing in the world, in my opinion. Based upon 40 years fishing experience, including fishing, Costa Rica, Mexico, Bahamas, Cabo San Lucas and many other fisheries around the world. The questions are, why? Well there are several reasons:
First, there is a large variety of fish species in the Florida Keys. All of which have very definite seasons of when they are the target, but any of the fish species can be caught at any time of the fishing year, even though they are not in season or the target. For example in Florida Keys Marathon Charter Fishing, we catch sword fish, Sail fish, Marlin, tuna, king fish, Mahi, Wahoo, Amber Jack, Mako Shark, Bull Shark, Hammer head Shark, just to name a few of the fish species.

Marathon, Islamorada Deep Sea Sportfishing Charters - Florida Keys

Second, are the types of fishing tackle and live bait, which we use for Deep Sea Fishing in the Florida Keys. On the Main Attraction, Marathon Charter fishing we use light tackle spinning reels 12 to 20lb test to catch most of our fish species except, Marlin and Sword fish. Also on the Main Attraction in Marathon fishing charters we use live bait. The live bait is already on the boat before you leave the dock, which means, unlike others, we are ready to fish and do not spend hours of your fishing time catching bait.
deep sea fisihng florida keys florida keys sailfish deep sea fishing deep sea tuna fishing florida keys
There is nothing better than an angler seeing a Sail Fish, Mahi, or other fish species crashing a Live Bait. Watching a Live Bait, trying to escape, dancing in the water and then seeing the target species lighting up and attacking the bait, is something that you will never forget, and only seen in Deep Sea Fishing in the Florida Keys. September through April, if you do not have fresh lively, live bait you are fishing not catching. The Marathon Charter fishing Live Bait Light tackle specialist, Main Attraction always does or we do not go fishing.
Third, are the many different techniques we use in Deep Sea Florida Keys Fishing, in Marathon charter Fishing on the Main Attraction. We hunt the fish, or sight fish with our special design tower, we use kites, we do live baiting, we do deep dropping with special underwater lights clipped on our leaders and also troll for Marlin with special rigged dead bait. There is so much more to talk about when trying to educate the public about Florida Keys Deep Sea Fishing. Another very important fact is that location does make a difference. Why is Marathon Charter Fishing the best location? The reason is simple; Marathon is in the center of the Florida Keys. The Main Attraction goes to where the fish are.
Florida Keys Deep Sea Fishing Charters
If the best bite is off Marathon, Key West, Big Pine, Islamorada, Key Largo, are all in your range. However, if you are fishing in Key West and the bite is better in Islamorada, the travel time is too long to get to the best fishery, and vice versa, etc. Marathon also offers the Marathon Hump which is a great fishery. The Bottom line is that there is a lot of knowledge needed to catch Deep Sea Fish in the Florida Keys. I suggest you consider the professors who have taught many other successful Florida Keys charter services. Why not go with the Deep Sea Fishing Professor instead of a student. The Main Attraction has been Deep Sea Fishing in the Florida Keys in the Same location for over 25 years.
We started with one boat and how have a fleet of 6 Charter Fishing Boats. Deep Sea Fishing in the Florida Keys is a family business with Professional full time Charter Boat Captains and Mates. We are honest, stable, dependable, and our charter fishing boats are clean, fast, well maintained. Our Deep Sea Fishing tackle is top of the line. Most of our Charter Fishing business is repeat. We are still fishing some of the same customers for over 25 years.
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